Sam Vincent

Designer & Software Engineer

Full-stack software development. World-class results.


I help businesses conceptualize and implement software products and the eco-systems that support them. I have successfully led my clients towards raising additional capital based on demonstrating early product quality. I have the experience to help guide your start-up through commercialization and enough scaling and operations experience to give you extra time to fill out your team.

I’m heavily influenced by modernist design and architecture. My love of beautiful and elegant systems lends itself well to software engineering. Achieving a demanding level of fit and finish for your product or brand is what my practice is all about.


In my experience building reliable software services, I’ve built up a repertoire of processes to solve problems common to most projects.

  • System Architecture
  • User Interface Design and Development
  • Mobile and responsive UI strategy
  • Product and Brand Development
  • Process Automation
  • Ecommerce and Payment Processing
  • API Development and Documentation
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Automated Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • Security Best Practices


Languages Javascript, Ruby, Swift, Python, and more...
Frameworks React, Express, Rails, D3, Angular, Backbone, and more...
Testing Jest, Cypress, Cucumber, RSpec, Jasmin, Karma, Capybara-webkit, PhantomJS, and moree...
Databases Postgres, MySQL, DynamoDB, Redis, MongoDB
Media Interface Design, Vector graphics, 3D Modelling, Audio Engineering
Dev-Ops AWS, Docker, Vagrant, Chef, Puppet
Operating Systems OS X, Linux, iOS